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Business model graph

This is a graph with unified appearance, i.e., all boxes look the same. The nodes have dark shadows.

This page describes the class “BusinessModelGraph” in the PowerPlot demo app.

Business model graph

Given a graph of class WSGraph the code for creating the chart is straightforward:

    // Create the chart.
    WSChart *gChart = [WSChart graphPlotWithFrame:[self.view bounds]

In the demo app the nodes and connections that make up the instance myGraph of class WSGraph are provided by the DemoData class that only contains factory methods for the demo data. Creating the graph is thus similarly simple:

    // Get the nodes and connections of the graph.
    WSData *graphTest = [DemoData demoGraphNodes];
    WSGraphConnections *connections = [DemoData demoGraphConnections];
    WSGraph *myGraph = [WSGraph graphWithNodes:graphTest