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Latest news

May 20th, 2014

Official release of version 2.0 with entirely new demo app.

January 16th, 2014

Private beta-release of version 2.0 with major refactoring of interface and as a framework.

September 17th, 2013

Release 1.5.0 with code refactoring and fixes.

July 24th, 2013

Presentation at DWX 2013, Nuremberg, Germany.

March 31st, 2013

Update of website and documentation.

November 2nd, 2012

Release 1.4.3 with full support for iOS 6 and ARC.

August 5th, 2012

Release 1.4.2 with bug fixes and an additional demo for interactive graphs.

April 10th, 2012

Release 1.4.1 with performance improvements and bug fixes.

February 1st, 2012

Release 1.4.0, major refactoring of interface, improved interactivity, more examples.

November 29th, 2011

Presentation at IPDC, Cologne, Germany.

PowerPlot — Stunning charts for the iPhone

PowerPlot is a software library for iPhone apps which creates stunning mobile charts for business intelligence and reporting. Using PowerPlot software developers can quickly and easily add charts to an iPhone app. Still, PowerPlot is highly configurable and remarkably flexible which means that it can grow with an existing project.

With PowerPlot animations such as this one can be added with a few lines of code to any iPhone app:

If you are curious how to use the above chart animation in your own iPhone app, please have a look at our examples page.

PowerPlot has a wide range of default chart types. This means that it can be used for rapid prototyping and brings about quick results which means lower development cost and quick app software development cycles.

Still, it is extraordinarily flexible and can be customized to fit even unconventional requirements and non-standard chart combinations. This means an initial investment in a code base is not wasted.

PowerPlot is a very mature framework, the first public release was on December 1st, 2010. This means that it is one of the best tested and proven chart engines available for the iPhone which offers clients reliability and security. PowerPlot also has a versatile underlying data model that offers manipulations and access in a functional-programming style. Many of these features have been around since the first iPad version running iOS 3.2, thus predating most of Apple's current block-based container functions.

The library is well documented, please see the documentation page for overviews, tutorials and specific feature documentations. Examples show how charts can be created from scratch.

PowerPlot is available under the GPLv3 Open Source license. This allows developers to download and test the framework before committing to a decision. Alternatively, if one cannot accept the GPLv3 license, it is alternatively available under a proprietary commercial license, which is available for each individual, distinguishable app. For the GPLv3 version, please go to the download page. For the commercial version, please contact us directly at: Dr.Schroers -at- nua-schroers.de.

Feature matrix

See what PowerPlot offers in the two licensing options: GPLv3 and Commercial. They offer the following features:

GPLv3 LicenseCommercial License
iPhone/iPod touch
iPad/iPad mini
iOS 5 and above
iOS 6 and above
iOS 7 and above
Bar charts
Point charts
Disk charts
Plot regions
Multiple chart types combined
Gradient fills
Data model manipulations
Directed/undirected graphs
Interactive charts
Tutorials and examples✔ (in progress)
Thorough documentation in header files and online
Full ARC support
Objective-C 2.0 syntax
Free of GPLv3 restriction
Price100.00 €

Selected references

PowerPlot has been used in charts for company in-house softare as well as several apps in the app store. Below is a selection of app projects and quotes from PowerPlot users.

iDecide. iDecide was an internal app for strategic management consulting produced for global prognostics GmbH in Berlin, Germany. It was an in-house solution for evaluating to which extend the new iPad can be used for business intelligence and process management charts.

iTECPad app iTECPad, view in App Store. iTECPad is the first professional app for iPad about thermoelectric coolers. It contains the complete list of RMT thermoelectric coolers with detailed datasheets and comprehensive analysis tools. It uses PowerPlot for interactive charts that display key features of RMT thermoelectric coolers in a specific environment easily and conveniently.

Trail Tracker app TrailTracker GPS, view in App Store. Trail Tracker GPS by Tap Tools is an app geared toward helping you keep track of where you've been. It's a great app for anyone who likes to jog, run, bike, hike, drive, ski, or do anything outside! It will track your entire trip, as well as its statistics. After, you can go back and look at exactly how long, how hard, and how far you went.

Calistix app Calistix, view in App Store. Calistix is a personal virtual coach that puts together a nearly unlimited number of workouts out of more than 130 exercises for you. Each workout and every goal gets customized to your needs and involves all your muscle groups and body parts.

“Overall, powerplot is extraordinarily flexible, and I didn't realize that at first. Thanks so much for the library and all the support.”, Scott D., industrial products developer.

“With PowerPlot, our team has saved more than a man-month of development time”, Dr. Andreas H., managing director.

“This is a phenomenal library”, Eric M., iOS developer.

Where to go next?

Please go to the download page to download the demo app source code. Check the examples page for more detailed explanation of the demo app. Finally, go to the documentation page for in-depth insights into the architecture and design of the PowerPlot charts framework.